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Dear Angelina and to the Glorious Gladiatrixes of GLOW- from Matilda and Dee

by Queenie Booher on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 9:55pm
Dear Angelina,
To the Baroness of Beautiful Feminine Power.
You have blossomed into such a fascinating woman over the many years I’ve known you. I admire the person you choose to be.
You embody the Definition of Pulchritude:
Beauty, brilliance, distinction, elegance, exaltedness, flourish, glitter, glory, grace, greatness, importance, impressiveness, lavishness, loftiness, luxuriousness, majesty, nobility, nobleness, ostentation, radiance, resplendency, richness, show, spectacularity, splendor, stateliness, style, sublimity, sumptuousness, swank

Isn’t pulchritude a great word?

If everyone used their creativity and powers for good deeds & positive flow, this world would certainly be a more Goddess Blessed planet.

Of course, your life just the way it is, is way exciting to me. I like real people doing real good things in real everyday life just like you.  Hollywood is overrated. 
Someday there must be a screen play about your life with some added wickedness like you being a real spy, a female James Bond ex Glow girl.

By the way, please give my regards to Billy. I so enjoyed meeting him at CAC this year which I can’t believe is almost over. I’m sorry I have been remiss on my communications due to neck pain and finishing my book. It was mind blowing to have him there. And I appreciate your magical efforts to make this happen along with the many other ways you have helped to organize The GLOW girls’ journey to world recognition. Your time and energy is super appreciated by me. I know how much time you have spent in communications for all of us with CAC and with our reunion and our GLOW documentary.

Dear GLOW Girls,

I would like to encourage any and all of you GLOW girls to show up for this next year’s CAC event in Vegas. It was a really wonderful experience to feel included in the official herstory of Women’s Wrestling. I wasn’t sure if the GLOW girls would be considered part of the traditional world of women’s wrestling. But we are thanks to all of us rising to the top in many fields.

I felt so welcomed by everyone and truly honored by Karl Lauer, the president of CAC. Karl is a cherished friend from my earliest years in pro wrestling. He gave me some of my very first matches when there was no work for women at all. He’s such a class act, I was planning on attending the CAC ball just for him before I heard Lisa, one of our own was being honored. I think we can thank our precious Angelina, “Little Egypt” for assisting in this monumental opening up of the doors for all of us Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  This is an honor for all of, with guilt by association! Ha ha

From my soon to be released autobiography:

I know the GLOW girls opened the doors for women to be more respected as a viable commodity in the business part of pro wrestling. And we showed everyone a new image of female beauty and power in show biz entertainment It was the 80’s and Feminine Power was evolving with new definitions in sports entertainment and many other parts of society also.

Before our time women athletes in general were not included in the list of top sports entertainment figures. I dare to say even the renowned tennis and basketball players weren’t as recognized as they are in the afterglow days.

The GLOW girls were the first female performers in mainstream television to break out of the old strong female stereotypes. It was the 80’s. Women had “NEVER” had an all female wrestling show before. We were the first syndicated episodic wrestling TV show ever in the world for women’s or men’s wrestling. We had seasons & episodes like any syndicated TV show. The show itself differed from Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation because we had actual seasons

The success of our show led to other media shows displaying attractive, athletic, fit & competitive women. The “American Gladiators” &“Xena Warrior Princess” were examples of the road we had paved for success with our super shero women images. Society was hungry for new powerful female role models, combining beauty, strength, talent and intelligence. We were the first to call our show “sports entertainment” instead of the myth that was propagated for years, that wrestling is “Real”. Although, I can attest to the fact that there is “real” pain and serious physical and mental injuries involved for sure in professional wrestling.

Tina Ferrari, aka Lisa Moretti , was a standout always. At first, she was the glamorous tag team partner of Ashley Cartier, aka Nadine, the Beverly Hills socialite, a delectable and wonderful performer in her own right. Tina was and is a beautiful feminine body builder, very polished & poised with a degree in business from USC. She was David McLane’s ideal woman. He would perk up with his tail wagging and his tongue hanging out whenever she was around. She knew how to manipulate him into paying us more money, and getting us better treatment. I admired her for her chutzpa and her ability to communicate with David and all our so called managers. Lisa has excelled beyond all of our wildest dreams with her athletic prowess and positive image for women in WWE and universally. You Go Lisa/Ivory. I remember you well.

Anyhow, Baroness,

Thanks for all your hard work what a fabulous time we all had last year hanging with Billy, Honky Tonk Man (my personal wrestling hero), Sgt Slaughter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mando Guerrero (my dear friend), my dear friend Alex Knight who drove me there, and of course the exquisite Little Egypt, Beastie, Hollywood, and all the fab girls from GLOW who attended and so on. I got to know some of the GLOW 2 & 3 girls more and that was great fun.

More later and any suggestions for my letter are welcomed. I love your saying “A bump is a bump”. And we all are survivors of the Great world of Bumps.

Big Love & Body Slams, Queenie

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