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Little Egypt's interview on PWInsider


By Daniel Donnelly on 2012-03-31 07:55:25
Daniel Donnelly of conducted an interview with GLOW Alumni Little Egypt, AKA Angelina Altishin, about the upcoming GLOW movie, her involvement with the Cauliflower Alley Club, and their honoring of former WWE superstar, Lisa "Ivory" Moretti as the 2012 Female Legend. Also, what are Angelina's thoughts about today's Divas and Knockouts compared to the GLOW girls???

How she feels about the upcoming GLOW movie: "I'm real excited about the documentary. It took two years in the making, and it's finally getting it's first world premiere on April 27 in Toronto at Hot Docs, at the HotDocs Film Festival, which is a very large festival, and to be picked as one of the official documentaries is a feather in the cap."

What can we expect to see in the documentary: "It pays homage to the work we did, it also highlights the fact that for female workers in the industry, we broke down barriers. That's what was compelling about this documentary, it wasn't just the story of female wrestling, it was the camaraderie that we had with each other. The fact that it was the first all female wrestling show to ever be launched on television at that time, and the fact that it had a four year run that went into global syndication for an additional ten years, and that we still pick up followers today. It's got a cult following and so it hits the audience on a lot of different levels."

On doing reality shows before reality shows existed: "We owe it all to our director Matt Timber, who was a visionary. He came from Hollywood, and he had a real good idea about what was going to work on television. W were politically incorrect, we were cutting edge in a sense that we were constantly pushing the envelope on what we could get away with, and it turned out to be something that fans really appreciated and enjoyed watching."

The Side Effects of Being So Politically Incorrect: "You had Matilda with her Nazi themed match against Fiji and Americana, and the stomping of the flag. Then you had Ninotchka, who really had to pay close attention to be being extremely discrete in her real life because of what she was pushing on television, and just firing up the audience to the point where we were afraid for her in a lot of aspects."

On her Official Facebook Page: "The Official Fanpage of Little Egypt is the open fan page for anyone interested in learning more about GLOW history and seeing some behind the scenes footage of girls what we looked like back then and what we're looking like now."

The CAC (Cauliflower Alley Club): "It's a non-profit organization, and it doesn't just include the GLOW legends, but the WWE legends, TNA legends, ECW, all the great supporters of this industry show up once a year at this reunion to attend seminars and to induct future legends into the CAC Hall. This year, we are so excited because Lisa Moretti, who played Tina Ferrari in GLOW, and who went on to be Ivory in WWE, a three time world champion, is being inducted as a female legend this year, how exciting is that?"

Lisa "Ivory" Moretti: "She was an example for that time period, because not only does she give kudos to the work we did in GLOW, but being a quasi-wrestling variety show, the insecurity in us was to see how we were going to be taken by the wrestling industry. Lisa Moreretti going off and becoming such a super power in the industry gives a lot of credit to the work that we've done. And that's where I spend most of my time and my focus - making sure that we preserve the legacy and work that we've done, continue to support female workers on their way up, the indie markets, and anything we can do to be advocates for female workers. That's where I put all my time and energy."

Her CAC seminar: "This will be my second year speaking at the Cauliflower Alley Club. The first year, I spoke on social media, focusing mostly on Facebook. This year, we're branching off and incorporating the other major social networks and how we can cross promote and brand. This isn't just for the indie workers, there are workers who have been in our industry for over twenty years, that are very interested in learning how to grasp this whole social media experience."

CAC Benelovent Fund: "It's a fund used to support workers who don't have the resources available for the most minimal things that are of so much importance, like maybe a walker, care, rehab, and oftentimes funeral expenses. So the money that is raised at the CAC goes to support the benevolent fund, and I want to support and organization that is going to give back to the industry that has been so good to me, and so good to so many of our girls, and if that's the least I can do then it's an honor to do it."

Today's Divas: "Something's gotta be said for the fact that WWE and TNA wouldn't be such big promotions if they didn't know what they were doing. But, the success that GLOW had, was because it was a character-based and character-driven show, and for me, you can't have the same character profile and just put a different costume on it. I want to be visually stimulated. If there's gonna be a giant, then she needs to be giant, that's what's so great about Kharma. If there's a babyface, then she should look like a babyface. If she's a heel - make her look like a heel! I mean, we loved having our characters, and we loved the costumes and the makeup, and we had a lot of flexibility with our roles. We had a lot of opportunity to create these really outrageous characters, and I think that the audience today would still be interested. Why it's not pursued, and why they haven't really pushed the envelope, I don't know. But I like the fact that they're trying, and I like the fact that they're giving Kharma that opportunity, I love that."

You can keep up with Little Egypt at her Facebook page: and her Twitter at For more information on the upcoming GLOW documentary film, please visit, and for more about this year's Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet, featuring 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and the ladies of GLOW, visit www.caulifloweralle

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